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Welcome to a revolutionary real estate firm in Seattle.

We’re making real estate better. More efficient and better able to meet consumer needs. The secret? Give buyers and sellers the option of using a robot, instead of an agent. Is this really a good idea for everyone? Of course not. It may be the biggest transaction of your life, with huge financial and legal implications.

But it isn’t rocket science either. The internet has changed everything else. It’s time real estate caught up.

Learn more about what we’re building

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Or just click around the site. It is basically a wireframe version of the final product. Our developers are — right now — hard at work making this vision a reality.

We’re Open for Business!

Now Selling Homes in Seattle

In the meantime, we’re helping people sell their homes in a new and better way. We’ll sell your home, and you’ll save tens of thousands of dollars. Curious? Drop Craig, our real estate broker, a line, or give him a call: (206) 369-5949. He’d love to talk to you about your home, the RobotAgent selling process, and how he can help.

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RobotAgent is FREE!

If you do it yourself. Or hire us, and still save a ton. is free for sellers who will sell their homes themselves. Or, they can hire us. We offer three different packages that are guaranteed to give you the services you need at the price you want. Oh yeah, you really want.

The platform is free for buyers too. Once fully built out and operational, they must simply provide a pre-approval letter before they can contact the seller of a home priced within their budget. When a buyer is ready to make an offer, will provide an interactive online form to create a simple one.

OK, here is the truth: The “simple offer” generated by RobotAgent is the only document you need for most residential property sales. With that in hand, escrow, title, the lender, and numerous other interested parties will close the sale and make it happen. It’s part of our “secret sauce.”

Join the Club & learn more.

Want to learn more about RobotAgent? Think it might be a good option for you when you sell your home? Sign up for the occasional update as we make progress towards launching the world’s first fully automated, efficient, online marketplace for residential property. It’s our “Early Adopter’s Club.”


Revolutionizing real estate? Harder than you think.

This is a big project, and Craig is always looking for partners. If you’d like to be a part of this disruptive model — whether as a RobotAgent real estate agent, or advisor or investor, or even as just a Big Fan — shoot Craig an email. He’ll get back to you promptly. And make sure you join “the Club,” we gotta grow that email list….