What we are building at RobotAgent

A modern and efficient alternative.

It’s time real estate caught up.

The MLS is the database of homes for sale, kept by real estate brokers. They started the system in the 1890’s — when the world was… uh… a little different. Yet it’s the same old system today. The seller still pays 6% in commissions to two brokers. One broker works for the seller, and the other for the buyer.

The internet was supposed to change things. The future has been clear since 2005. Like travel agents and stock brokers, real estate agents will see real disruption and new efficiencies in their industry. Eventually.

Soon there will be an alternative.

We’re building out RobotAgent.com. It will be a web-based, scalable marketplace for the efficient buying and selling of residential real estate. And because it is more efficient and better aligned with modern expectations, both buyers and sellers come out ahead.


Say “hello” to an efficient, automated, online process.

Easy to use.

RobotAgent is a real estate firm that will soon offer an online database of properties, fed by public records. Sellers will be able to easily create simple, compelling listings that show their homes for sale. Potential buyers — and anyone else — will be able to easily search, sort, and organize listings that interest them.

Unfortunately, we’re a decade or more away from a robot who can provide tours to interested buyers. For now, we still need some human involvement. So to list, sellers will need to make their homes available for tours by interested buyers. Or instead, they can hire a RobotAgent human agent.

RobotAgent will be fully automated.

Algorithm-derived estimates of value.

Everyone wants to know what a particular home is “worth.” RobotAgent will use public-records data to generate an automated estimate of value.

Online and interactive legal forms.

Every seller has to provide a buyer with a Seller Disclosure Form, aka the Form 17. With easy-to-understand prompts and user input, RobotAgent will complete the form, ready for delivery to a buyer.

When a buyer is ready to make an offer, RobotAgent.com will provide an interactive online form. The “simple offer” generated by RobotAgent will be the only document necessary for most residential property sales. The offer becomes the contract, and with a contract escrow, title, and lender will close the sale.

Easy electronic communication.

The platform will facilitate efficient, electronic negotiations between a buyer and seller. Humans work hard, but not 24/7. RobotAgent provides an around-the-clock opportunity to negotiate.

Guidance through the process.

RobotAgent will give clear instructions to the parties about necessary next steps. Buyers will be able to use an interactive program that provides basic guidance on due diligence. You’ll never hear RobotAgent say, “It’s probably OK to skip the inspection….”

RobotAgent is FREE!

If you do it yourself.

RobotAgent.com is free for sellers who will sell their homes themselves. The platform is free for buyers too. They must simply provide a pre-approval letter before they can contact the seller of a home priced within their budget. When a buyer is ready to make an offer, RobotAgent.com will provide an interactive online form to create a simple one.

OK, here is the truth: The “simple offer” generated by RobotAgent is the only document you need for most residential property sales. With that in hand, escrow, title, the lender, and numerous other interested parties will close the sale and make it happen. It’s part of our “secret sauce.”

Or hire us, get full market exposure, and still save a ton.

We operate a modern and efficient online marketplace — but we’re also a traditional real estate firm. We are members of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, the database cooperatively owned by real estate brokers, and THE place to sell a house. So you get maximum exposure, which is essential for getting the best price possible.

As a general rule, we charge the “market rate” listing commission of 3%. But every home and every situation is different. As they say, everything is negotiable in real estate — we’re happy to have those negotiations with you! However, we’re unlikely to accept less than a 3% commission for the buyer’s agent.

Of course, we also list on our own marketplace. And a listing there means we don’t have to pay the buyer’s agent (because there isn’t one). We pass that savings right back to the consumers, half to the seller (by reducing the total commission by 1.5%) and half to the buyer (by cutting the asking price by 1.5%). Online, automated, and efficient, indeed.

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