Free WA Real Estate Forms for Lawyers is committed to changing real estate. We believe the best way to do that is by giving people the chance to buy or sell a home themselves for free. And that, in turn, requires free real estate contract forms. Because a written and signed contract is the one and only requirement for getting a house sold. Everything else falls into place from there.

Free Real Estate Forms for Lawyers

If we’re going to let consumers use these forms (via our automated online platform) for free, we might as well share them with other professionals. Lawyers, in particular, are in a unique position to drive change in the industry.

Licensed Attorneys, Use our Real Estate Contract Forms

So if you’re a licensed attorney and would like access to our forms, just let us know. Hit the button and send us an email. We’ll reply with a Word version of our general PSA form attached (plus a lead paint addendum at no additional charge!). Please affirmatively state you’re a licensed attorney, and we’ll take you at your word.

Note the Terms of Use on the Form:

As stated on every page: “This form may be used only by licensed attorneys. They may copy, distribute, and use this work, and create any derivative works, but only by including the following: “Some or all terms used with permission of” Attribution must include hyperlink. makes no warranty of any sort, and use is at the attorney’s sole risk.”

Feedback, please!

If you take us up on our offer and use our forms, please let us know what you think! Real estate works best when everyone uses the same forms, and we’d like to think our forms might someday be the “standard.” But that means they gotta be good!!! So any and all feedback will be deeply appreciated.