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Welcome to your Deal Room. If the home is listed for sale here on, then here you’ll be able to get more information from the seller and arrange for a tour, deliver the offer, and negotiate towards a contract. For all other properties, you can draft an offer, and get great insight on the home buying process.

Coming soon! This page and all links will autopopulate with the property details.

Property Address: XXXX S. Lakeridge Dr. Seattle

Parcel Number: XXXXXXXXXX

Status of Listing: Will Sell

Seller Disclosure Statement: none provided

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Use our free blank contract form. Coming soon! An automated and interactive offer generator.


How To

Check out our free Home Buyer Due Diligence Checklist. Coming soon! An interactive guide to the complete home buying process.



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Communicate with the seller here. Ask for more specific information, or set up a time for a tour. Once you’ve drafted an offer, you will deliver it here, and then negotiate towards a contract.

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