Buy a home, save big money.

We leverage the power of the internet with a modern commission structure, so our buyers save money — lots and lots of money.

Get a big rebate at closing.

Because we charge a modern, flat commission, our buyers get a big rebate (on other listings, on our listings keep reading). The higher the sale price, the bigger the rebate. Looking at an average Seattle home worth $700k or so? You can expect a rebate at closing of sixteen grand. Yes, that’s right: $16,000.

Use our online platform and pay less.

Buyers can find and buy our listings online. When they do, they pay less. Literally. The seller doesn’t have to pay the 3% buyer agent’s commission, so one half of that savings — 1.5% — is passed back to the buyer in the form of a price drop. Or use a RobotAgent agent and still pay a little less.

We’re great real estate agents.

We’re licensed professionals who thrive by helping our clients. In other words, we’re great real estate agents. We’ll give you all the guidance and insight you need to get the best result possible when buying a home, just like anyone else. We just don’t charge the same commission.

Let us help you buy a home and save money.

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