Our Commissions

Sellers and buyers now have a modern alternative.


Both options incur additional 3% Buyer Agent’s commission.



Get all of the services you expect from a good real estate agent. We’ll pay all costs associated with the listing (professional pictures, social media campaign, basic prep, etc.). You’ll have a great agent doing all the work at every step of the process.

In real estate, everything is negotiable.

We get it. Every client — and every property — is different. And a 3% listing commission may be a little more than fair to us. Think you have an “easy listing” and want to pay less? Let’s talk about it.




* Or 2.5% of sale price, whichever is less.

Our best fee. We do all of the work, and charge a fair fee for it. The only difference with our Traditional Fee? You’ll pay $500 up front for the listing costs we will incur. At closing, you’ll owe the balance.

You save about 2% of Sale Price

On an average Seattle home (worth $700k), you’ll save 2% compared to a traditional listing, or $14,000.

Remember! You may also get a net offer up to 1.5% > list price.


Get the help you need at the price you want.

One Time


* Or 3% of sale price, whichever is less.

Add’l Tours: $75/hr.

Flat commission includes one tour. RobotAgent will provide additional tours at $75 per hour. Or get unlimited (up to 20) tours for $1000.

We built RobotAgent to let buyers do it themselves. But you’re buying something worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, with major financial and legal implications over the long term. You should have a professional help you.

Maybe you’ve done all the work so far — why should your agent make a killing just to help you buy one house?

We can help. Our fee structure means you’ll pay a little up front, and a little more if you get the home under contract. At closing? You’ll get a giant rebate: $16,000 on an average Seattle home.

On a RobotAgent Listing: 100% due at closing. Nothing due up front. If no closing, then no fee due.

Any Other Listing:

  • $500 due up front

  • $500 due if offer accepted

  • Balance due only at closing.

    Balance of buyer agent commission refunded to client at closing.

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