Selling? Craig Blackmon, our real estate agent, can help. He will save you a ton of money.

3 Different Fee Options

One to suit your exact needs — and budget.

Get our Grand Opening Special: 30-50% off all fees.

Services currently offered to sellers only. Reduced “Full Fee” does not include advanced costs other than those related directly to the listing and capped at $500.




1% ($5k min.)

Normally 2% ($10k min.)

Our “traditional commission” gives you all of the services you would expect from a real estate agent. That means RobotAgent will pay all costs associated with the listing (professional pictures, social media campaign, basic prep, etc.), up to $1000. Craig will do all the work at every step of the process.

Compared to any other real estate agent, or an MLS listing:

You save 2-4% of Sale Price

Redfin charges a 1% listing fee — plus 3% for the buyer’s agent, for a total fee of 4%. And the traditional “market rate” commission is 6%. Using a RobotAgent real estate agent, you get the same level of service without paying the full MLS price. On an average Seattle home, this means savings of $14-28k, or so.




Normally $5000

In our opinion, our best fee. We do all of the work, and charge a fair fee for it. Our agents work just as hard on a $2M house as on a $250k condo. Why should one client pay $35k more than the other? The only difference with our Full Fee is you’ll need to pay $500 up front, for the listing costs we will incur. At closing, you’ll then owe us the balance.

You save about 5% of Sale Price

On an average Seattle home (worth $700k), you’ll save 5.2% compared to a traditional MLS listing, or $37,000.




Normally $100

Our simplest fee. You get exactly what you pay for. And we make sure you pay only for exactly what you need. We can provide the same comprehensive level of service, and do everything. Or you can do some of the work and keep your real estate broker costs to an absolute minimum. We get it. This is your nest egg. And you didn’t get where you are today by being afraid of doing a little work yourself to save a lot of money. Our real estate agent will work with you to give you the service you need at the price you want.

You save up to 6% of Sale Price

Our agent could reasonably spend 20-30 hours on your listing. So on an average Seattle home (worth $700k), you would save 5.6% compared to a traditional MLS listing, or $39,500. And if you simply use Craig as a source of insight and consultation, plus a listing on the national MLS (10 hours or so), you could save almost the entire 6%, or $42,000. Wow!

From the Robot: My human agents do great work.*


I am thrilled to offer my real estate brokerage services free-of-charge to home buyers and sellers. But let’s be honest: This is a big deal. Selling a home comes with real financial and legal obligations, and it is probably the biggest asset you will ever own. Leave it to a robot? Probably not the best idea. Think about hiring a professional real estate agent to help you with one of the biggest and most complicated transactions of your life.

* For now, it’s just my creator, Craig Blackmon. But you’ll be in fantastic hands. He really knows his stuff. And honestly, he taught me everything I know. I really owe him… well, everything. He’ll do great work for you too.

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