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Here’s how we’ll sell your home.

It’s a logical question: If the RobotAgent team isn’t on the Multiple Listing Service, how do they sell houses? Here is our “secret sauce.”

We post listings on the most popular web sites.

Zillow is the biggest, a billion-dollar public company with a revenue stream tied directly to buyer traffic to its site. (Zillow makes money from buyer agents’ advertising.) So Zillow provides an excellent online alternative to the local multiple listing service.

And it isn’t alone. is another real estate site, and it has obvious name recognition. There are several other real estate sites too, like Trulia and Yahoo Homes (which are owned by Zillow). These four are the top real estate sites on the web and together get 98 million users every month. Your listing will appear on all of these sites, and many others.

How do we do that? By leveraging a new, national MLS.

We use social media marketing tools.

By posting to the top real estate sites, we know we’re getting enough market exposure to get you full value for the home. But we don’t stop there. Facebook is an online community of 2+ billion people. And the millennials? They are all over social media. So we deploy a social media marketing campaign to make sure you get the broadest market exposure possible.

We post a listing on

Eventually this will be a big deal — and all you’ll need. Today? Ah… did we tell you about the national MLS and getting on Zillow?

We use all the old fashioned tools, too.

For Sale sign? Check. Color flyer? Check. Scheduled Open Houses? Double check. Basically, we do exactly what any other highly competent licensed real estate broker would do. And that includes old school hustle.

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