We’re just like everyone else.

When you’re selling your home, you’re looking to “cash out” of a huge asset, with giant financial and legal implications. Hardly the time to try something new. We get it. So first and foremost, we’re good old-fashioned real estate brokers.

We post our listings to the NWMLS.

Like every other real estate broker in Seattle, we’re a member of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. When you hire us to sell your home, we list it on the NWMLS. You get maximum exposure — the very same exposure that you get from any other real estate broker. This gives you the best shot at the best price possible.

We use all the other tools available.

We do everything else, as well. Quality marketing materials (a sign, flyer, etc.)? Check. Keybox for access? Check. Social media posting? Check. Open house? Double check!! We hit all the notes you expect from a high quality, hard-working real estate agent.

We post a listing on RobotAgent.com — where sellers make more.

Best of all, your home shows up here as a listing on our site. If a buyer uses the site to buy it, you’ll save up to 1.5% in broker costs. Nice!

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