Sell for more, buy for less.

Traditional agents + modern real estate firm

Buyers and sellers save with our flat commissions.

Sellers, we’ll list and sell your home like any other real real estate agent.

Use the Robot to buy our listing, pay 1.5% less.

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We sell houses. Everyone wins.

We are traditional real estate agents. But we’re modern, too. For our listings, we give buyers the chance to do it themselves online. The seller saves the 3% commission offered to a buyer’s agent.

Sellers net 1.5% more, buyers pay 1.5% less.

No, it’s not magic. Buyers of RobotAgent Listings agree to do it themselves. The 3% seller-paid commission offered to a buyer’s agent? We return it, one-half to seller and one-half to buyer.

It’s time for change in real estate.

Real estate commissions have been too high for too long. The industry hasn’t changed since it was invented over a hundred years ago. With a modern commission structure and an automated selling web site, RobotAgent brings real estate into the 21st Century.

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We invite you to click around the site. It is basically a wireframe version of the final product. Our developers are — right now — hard at work making this vision a reality.