XXXX 51st Ave. NE, Seattle

For Sale by RobotAgent

MLS Price: $1,400,000

RobotAgent Price: $1,379,000 (1.5% off MLS price)*

* You must use the RobotAgent platform to make the offer and buy the home yourself. REAL ESTATE BROKERS: The MLS Price, and the asking price for any offer you submit on behalf of a client, includes a 3% SOC.

Living Room.jpg

Updated Classic in Laurelhurst.

Classic and updated home in a one of the best neighborhoods — particularly if you have anything to do with UW, Children’s Hospital, on the corner, or downtown (via the UW Link station). Modern open layout, move-in ready.

4 BR, 2.25 Bath, 2490 SF

  • 1 unit

  • 2 stories

  • 200 SF Outdoor Space

  • 740 SF Basement

  • 5000 SF lot


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