We sell houses for more money.

No, it’s not magic. It’s simply the power of the internet, combined with a modern fee structure.

We’re plain-old real estate agents.

As licensed professionals, we want to help our clients through one of the biggest financial — and emotional — transactions of their lives. We’re committed to getting the best result possible, starting of course with the price. We bring all the skills, tools and insight of a great real estate agent to help you sell your home.

We have a modern, flat commission structure.

Real estate brokers have charged a percentage commission forever. Today, the typical commission is still stuck at 6% — even though housing prices have exceeded inflation since 1998. It’s time for a flat commission that better reflects the value provided by a modern real estate agent.

We sell homes online and without a buyer’s agent.

We put the internet to work. We offer our listings for sale online, and give buyers the tools they need to complete the purchase themselves. If buyers don’t use a real estate agent, the seller saves the 3% buyer’s agent commission paid by the seller — and buyers pay less. Win, win.

Use RobotAgent to sell your home and save a ton of money.